ArtHood is a video installation sculpture by Tomas Ferm and Ann-
Charlotte Rugfelt.

In ArtHood video works by Makode Linde, Anna-Karin Rasmusson,
Cheap Imitation, Tomas Ferm and Maria Friberg have been shown.

ArtHood was a part of SpotCity Updated 2015 where it was shown
at the barber Jonny´s Sax, Östra Larmgatan 7, Gothenburg with the
video work Erna by Maria Friberg.

Art Hood has earlier been exhibited a Gibca Extended 2013 at
Mornington Hotel/Gothenburg, Konsthallen Bohusläns Museum,
Palladium/Malmö Kulturfestival 2014 Göteborg International Film
Festival 2014